You rise from a violet ocean—churning with emotion…crafting psychic potions channeling spiritual devotion

Your body ripples with erotic power—building momentum by the hour…imagining a sacred shower of potent tantric firepower

This ocean of presence is a conduit for sensual resonance…limitless vistas of precious visions manifest your divine essence

My sixth sense runs wild opening my third eye…I explore my consciousness like a child learning to master my mind and its desires

Violet is a color of luxurious transcendence–a hue of prescience and liberated sentience…your torso projects fractals of tranformative dissidence–tendrils of liberation and apocryphal providence

Bodies of water are vast mirrors for sun and stars–echoing with energy and psychedelic art…we see aquatic synergy amplified near and far–we are acholytes of justice with seismic power in our hearts

Your psychic texture is scintillating–your aura intoxicating…your sinuous energy reverberating leaving my boundaries obliterating

The power of the erotic is that it elevates our expectations–that it conjures new creation…we won’t settle for mediocrity in our worlds when we feel these passionate palpatations 

Perhaps someday we will meet bringing battalions of rebels into the streets…we will vogue to the pounding house beat amplifying the elemental sex presence writhing beneath

This violet ocean is a vessel of harmonic motion…the energy of this commotion is an insurgent prophecy yearning to be spoken

images are of Sam Noriega >> @samgtsfit on IG >> photos by @luisrafaelofficial on IG



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