ILLICIT ARMY: a leather anthem

Our erotic army is an illicit army

Soldiers clad in leather hard and swarthy

Our minds are cyber wired with cosmic chemistry

We reimagine desire: sex becomes artistry


Our harnesses are conduits for tantric stimulation

Orgasmic ecstasy is a pivotal pillar of creation

We conceive a world of joy and emancipation

We bring this vision to life—a karmic manifestation


In rubber or leather—by day or by night

We amplify pleasure—we savor delight

The power to transform is a power we ignite

We shatter an unholy matrix and fortify collective pride


This army of men is a force of the divine

We spread love to one another by cosmic design

We craft a sexual juggernaut to uproot systemic crime

Our magic is deeply rooted—we remold the sands of time


Supple leather is sliced into vessels of desire

Rivets and snaps amplify synergy and sensual fire

Our harnesses are crafted and sculpted: each one of a kind

Tattoos brand our bodies while the erotic brands our minds


We fuck in gritty alleys just behind the club

This anthem is illicit—its a psychedelic drug

We worship our higher power—the fire of transcendent love

We rise from this inferno like a phoenix guided from above


This is a movement for liberation—a celebration of sacred ways

We rise from guilt and shame—we rise from rage and pain

Our psychic powers evolve taking us to a euphoric plane

I call you all my brothers and want to call you by my name


This spiritual energy powers cosmic pulsations

We burn with intensity and ecstatic palpitations

These harnesses conjure magic and tantric revelations

We are soldiers in a global movement for sexual liberation


We converge from many nations and come in every hue

Our sex presence is epic—manifesting in all we do

We build an army of men—we reboot and renew

This is a prophetic mission—it is an epic erotic truth


Images and inspiration via ARMY OF MEN >> @armyofmenco on IG

First model is @guilhermesagi on IG >> photo: @rafandway on IG

Second model is @vinhphillips on IG >> photo: @rafandway on IG



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