Your body is branded  as testament  to the force of your introspective eye

Tattoos of nonbinary energy circulate, reverberate, and realign

You command your potent sex presence by flexing the sinew of your mind

This is a proud genderfuck moment of transcendent hope and desire


We rise up for collective emancipation—for global human liberation

We erode this toxic gender binary replacing rigidity with imagination

Butch and femme fractals interbreed creating chaotic new equations

Channeling the frequencies of woman and man you are your own sacred creation


Your  body pulsates with power when you take command of your pole

You refuse the script of biology choosing to craft your own role

Your sex presence excites and inspires me–making my spirit feel whole

Your extensions and contortions expand consciousness—fiercely breaking the mold


We process the logic of gender through intense cerebral dissection

We seek a transformative praxis—an inspiring evolutionary direction

This is an epic juncture for a momentous ideological course correction

We conjure our own spirit pantheons for nonbinary immaculate conception


The rhythm of these verses aligns with the contours of your mind

You are a daughter of sacred prescience—you are the erotic’s spirit child

We interweave a tapestry of liberation when we dance and intertwine

We can build power to liberate our people—dismantling the roots of systemic crime

Visuals are by @MiamiLux_ on IG



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