You embody the erotic—your image is hypnotic

We dance to a beat that is fierce and supersonic

The fluidity of gender is radiant and chaotic

Your epic sex presence is bold and tectonic


Scarlet couture encircles the pulse of your armature

Embroidered lace amplifies your visceral seductive allure

Magnetic gender fluidity is a powerful emergent aperture

Imagining the omnipotent zeitgeist of a transforming future


This radical machismo is an epic inferno that liberates

Cyber-sexual fusion builds intensity and animates

A transgressive collective matrix emerges and detonates

Building formidable power to transcend this apocalyptic state


Transformed gender archetypes come into being

We are co-creating potent new ways of seeing

Tantric power arises activating intentional breathing

This epic science fiction lies in the web we are weaving


We defy patriarchal dictatorship over the course of our lives

We demand self-determination—a world where justice thrives

We transcend the gender binary in epic couture disguise

Reimagining machismo we watch a flawless army arise

Images are by @JuanOyervides >> check out or @ProteoMX on IG >> photos by @alexpalomeera



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