NOBLE BLOOD: the fire of guerrilla warfare

You radiate passion—projecting loving kindness

Your inner rage is channeled into sinuous erotic conquest

I yearn for your presence—for the magic that comes next

In this age of apocalypse we cannot afford spiritual blindness


Your power manifests as intentional reflection

This is hypodermic sex—It is queer resurrection

We dispel the toxic tides of pervasive mass deception

We reclaim control of the matrix—a cosmic inception


I look into your eyes and see my inner fire reflected

I remember our connection—a bond respected

Your power is noble—it is genius reflected

Sacred blood in your veins is sex presence directed


The images you craft teem with potent imagination

Disinhibited sexuality is noble blood’s animation

You commune with the spirit world through tantric libations

This is erotic guerrilla warfare aimed at collective liberation


Noble blood flowing within imbues the power to captivate

You enhance your sacred power to foresee and detonate

This is an epic spiritual struggle to conjure wisdom and germinate

Tantric erotic synergy fuels an inferno–unleashing alchemy that radiates

–Images are of gato >> @sateando on IG or twitter



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