I am a zygote of liberation camouflaged as pathology

I am a tantric mystic camouflaged as debauchery

Future soldiers in formation as far as the eye can see

Decentralized transformation realizes sacred prophecy


This is an erotic anthem crying out for insurrection

I am a suicide survivor amidst spiritual resurrection

We slash through webs of lies and toxic deception

The energy of angels reverberates offering divine protection


You are intense cosmic power manifesting as sacred fire

Corporeal beauty conceals the zen of transcendent desire

We conjure penetrating solutions to sociopathic quagmire

We must avert global apocalypse—we must reboot and rewire


You are pure sex presence embodied as devotion

You stimulate my imagination with psychoactive potions

We are a phalanx of righteous fire fueled by a cauldron of emotion

We must attune to the forces within writhing in our karmic ocean


This is the power of karma camouflage—a conflagration of creativity

Our powers intensify–sinking deep roots as we lacerate mendacity

We must sense the potential for collective liberation in every living being we see

Karmic camouflage builds within blessing our rising army with psychic electricity

Inspired by Sam Noriega >> @samgtsfit on IG or twitter >> photos by @luisrafaelofficial on IG



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