Your power grinds and reverberates

Your energy burns and levitates

Epic tattoos brand and animate

Gender binaries blur and disintegrate


Raw leather and supple lace

Outline our fate and our place

The fire of passion imbues your face

Our armies rise to conquer hate


Tantric geisha liberate

Erotic zen proliferates

Nonbinary fire emancipates

Sacred rhythms orchestrate


We heal from pain that devastates

We see our traumas and reintegrate

Waves of energy undulate

Our race against time accelerates


Your eyes glow and illuminate

Sacred ink echoes and activates

Pulsating lovers throb and gyrate

Femme lace comes to dominate


We rise with pride and propagate

Revolutionary dreams percolate

Our cosmic path resonates

Sex and sentience permeate


Divine powers gestate

Corporeal synergy pulsates

Leather and lace germinate

Conjuring a tantric caliphate

Inspired by Flo >> @fkfbrln on IG >> @inkedbrln on twitter

Leather by @armyofmenco >> Lingerie by @ProteoMX

FIrst photo by @rafandway >> second photo by @JuanOyervides



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