Vicious violet accents animate your eyes

Pregnant with presence—pregnant with desire

Your epic sex presence fuels a carnal fire

This erotic synergy has the power to uproot empire


Serpents rising within are your chakras’ resurrection

They encircle your spine with armor against infection

This is evolution on hyperdrive—supernatural selection

We lay primordial foundations for erotic insurrection


Tattoos mark your chest and encircle your arms

This serpentine magic channels angelic charms

Sacred prophecy bestows a potent crown of thorns

This pulsating chemistry leaves the system disarmed


Your body is a vessel of pleasure—a karmic animation

We reinvent our erotic depths with tantric imagination

Your serpentine powers are liberation in gestation

We conjure an epic rising for collective emancipation


Your images are bold and imbued with alchemy

I long to feel you move—to cultivate ecstasy

We find strength in alliance and power in empathy

Serpentine sorcery crafts a looming date with destiny


We unleash a subaltern army—a karmic chain reaction

We imagine sacred power and divine rival factions

These verses proliferate in resounding interactions

Power flows through our spines in pulsating contractions


Tantric fire burns—It empowers and animates

We must uproot oppression—decimate the power of hate

We rise yearning for joy—yearning to dance and celebrate

Your epic serpentine power is a force that liberates

–Visuals by @Jonzu on IG >> @Jordanisundead on twitter




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