Your eyes pierce the dark with resonant reverberations

You are clad in fierce and vibrant fluorescent animation

You are a magnum magnate—a power writhing in gestation

I imagine a throbbing bass groove as your melody’s foundation


We conspire to create—imagining the divine erotic

Tantric power emanates—pulsating and hypnotic

I see you thrust and grind—I see your tongue frolic

This is epic luscious insurrection with power tectonic


Bold magenta and fuchsia accents explode and recombine

We are crafting a new religion with the power of our minds

I see you with your lovers—I see your sinuous bodies intertwine

I see you summon cosmic chemistry to rewire the flow of time


Your sex presence is sacred—your energy electric

Our creative synergy is magic—jubilant and kinetic

We arise to avert apocalypse with love magnetic

Our tantric disciples explore pleasure—a power prophetic


This is magnum magenta—a cyclone of epic imagination

Your power and presence are divine manifestations

Our fluorescent insurrection demands collective emancipation

Our armies rise radiantly styled—craving sacred liberation

Images are by @Jonzu on IG >> @JordanJamesonX on twitter



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