The vibe is dope and fly—the energy syntonic

Psyches realign conjuring powers hypnotic

You and your radiant lover are sublime and symbiotic

We create an erotic underground with power tectonic


These are deep-rooted truths and orgasmic solutions

This is how we rise—accelerating the dialectic of evolution

We resist emergent apocalypse and social dissolution

We channel our hope and rage into fuel for revolution


With hair flecked with silver and majestically chiseled arms

You manifest sacred prophecy and Dionysian charms

The fire in your eye channels a potent magical charge

We rise for liberation and sound a reverberating alarm


This is prescient interstitial work of sensual creation

We build bonds of rich connection fueling seismic revelations

I see your bodies intertwined in the temple of my imagination

The maturity and electricity of tantric power are divine manifestations


Your symbiotic synergy is a magnet for karmic chemistry

Symbiotic sexuality reveals the tantric as collective destiny

This is pleasure activism unfolding—pregnant with cosmic mystery

We reveal our deepest selves and discover that we have company

Images are by @emittmore



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