Rivulets of sensuality course through your veins

You rise up from sorrow—you rise up from pain

Covered in scarlet lace you proudly brand your name

Nonbinary sexual synergy vanquishes toxic shame


This is a genderfuck anthem writhing in formation

We conjure a new world with the power of imagination

Dressed in elegant femme flair you amplify creation

We nurture transcendent love in our quest for liberation


In your eyes I see a beauty blinding and fierce

I see sublime sensitivity: emotions rooted deep

You move like an erotic soldier seeking tantric release

An inferno of tattoos brand your body—sacred and sweet


This is a harbinger of hedonism—a carnal revelation

I am entranced by this lingerie—this sex-fueled conflagration

We open a portal to revolution and cosmic transformation

Our genderqueer battalions will arise to realize our emancipation


I feel energy reverberate whenever you enter the room

I feel your mind pulsate pregnant with sacred fuel

Tantric power germinates rewriting erotic rules

Your body is my temple—enmeshed in a scarlet cocoon

Images are of @fkfbrln on IG >> @inkedbrln on twitter >> Lingerie by @JuanOyerdes & @ProteoMX on IG



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