You rise from deep water

Your mother and father

We are agents of karma

We grind ever harder


We are angels and vandals

We are students of scandal

We strive to dismantle

Oppressions entangled


You energize and tantalize

Reflecting fire in your eyes

Tantric power climbs your spine

Seductive pixies intertwine


This is an apocalyptic age

An age of rage—an age of plague

We conspire to build and create

Forging capacity for systemic change


This is the pulse of evolution

The piercing light of new solutions

The antidote to dissolution

Strength to revolt without retribution


Angels and vandals activate

We sink deep roots and liberate

The synergy that we generate

Orchestrates a transformed fate

VIsuals are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG or Twitter



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