This poem is inspired by the painting ‘Fighting Monsters’ by Christopher G. Kempton


Our world is on fire

And we are watching 

Watching this lethal dance with apocalypse


Red and black

Marks of war

Splattered paint

Marking Ares’ door


Our world is on a precipice

A portal to barbarism

Beyond all we remember


Monsters of hubris

Monsters of greed

Monsters of empire and annihilation


This is a war to dismember a nation

And it could become a hurricane

A tsunami of nuclear proportions


Sociopathic narcissism

Toxic megalomania

These forces produce this moment

Like demons unchained


We need an exorcism

A collective cleansing

The opposite of fratricide and genocide

A global karmic spiritual rebirth

Reconnecting with our common humanity


We need to summon our power

Our capacity for transformative imagination

An emphatic choice other than which empire to serve


These colors interweave

They refract and recombine

Conjuring the gift of the sacred

Transcendent love as an antidote to empire


Our ballistic exorcism arises

Courageous resistance to imperial conquest

Fuses with a rising of the Russian people

Rising to oppose their autocratic dictator


The brave intensity of this painting draws me in

Vibrant and somber hues ricochet through my mind

Emotional shrapnel lodge in my spirit body


I zone in

I narrow my focus

And see a vector to the human heart


This is a poem about empire

But also about its antidote

In these fierce colors I find both rage and hope

I see our creative human essence

A spiritual practice transcending battle lines


A fire of resistance to empire

A fire of faith, love, and solidarity

–These are images of a painting titled ‘Fighting Monsters’ by Christopher G. Kempton >> works available through Gtfineart.com >> @christophergkemptonfineart >> Chris graciously invited this poem as an articulation of the spirit of the painting.



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