Fierce and seductive—bold and electric

Carnal fire swirls in spirals concentric

Magnetic fire conjures passion kinetic

I see the contours of your body as a dialectic


This is a sacred quest for erotic evolution

We unchain our minds seeking revolutionary solutions

This is body erotic—a manifesto to dispel confusion

Our energy is cosmic—it is sacred absolution


You break down stigma and vanquish shame

Body positive armies arise in your name

Sex presence is epic fusing pleasure and pain

Your body is a temple and my heart is inflamed


Your bold erotic pride evokes liberation

Finding potent power in tantric adoration

Conjuring freedom with spiritual imagination

We listen to karmic magic and its incantations


We resist body stigma as cruel and despotic

Unearthing new oracles both prescient and hypnotic

Branding sigils of resistance with power semiotic

This is a rising tantric manifesto on the body erotic

Photos are by @bruno_baba on IG >>



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