You breathe tantric fire

Seismic erotic fire

Overpowering me with desire

Seducing my mind as we conspire


The dance floor is lit

You groove and grind with ferocious intensity


You are no man’s fetish

You are a potent Sex Dragon

Fulcrum for the power of the Asian diaspora

Channeling seductive pulsation and palpitation


You animate and elevate

The tsunami of your psyche reverberates


Like a tiger’s

Your eye seeks what it requires

Sex magic takes effect as the night transpires


Your sensuality is effortless

Permeating your physicality

Your energy is magnetic

Captivating with cosmic chemistry


Your body is a temple

My mind seeks the gate

This is revolutionary sorcery

Conjuring the power to liberate


We can dream of a world transformed

A world of passion and solidarity

Transcending borders and oceans

Transcending bigotry and oppression


I invite you to rewire me

I imagine epic ecstasy

I pray that you desire me

Sex Dragon–arise and inspire me

Images are of @DefThatJason on twitter



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