Scattershot photo-ops

Grip my mind

Pierce my heart


Black beauty and faith rise transcendent

Rivers of injustice are never-ending


Light and shadow interweave

Crafting a sacred tapestry

Tattoos writhe with tantric energy

Projecting emphatic ecstasy

Projecting prophetic potency


Pain and joy

Hope and pride

Manifesting before my vulnerable eyes


Flood and fire

Love and rage

Writhing against historic psychic chains


We will restore queer presence as diasporic strength

We will reimagine our spirit bodies

Conjuring new breadth and depth


We will manifest sex positive

Crafting the shamanic

The power of oracles to transform

The synergy of the erotic


This montage noir pulsates with life

Reverberating with echoes of ancient strife

Black vitality and sexuality are embodied

Recovering the magic of our ancestral godhead


Your polaroids capture these ephemeral moments

Like hieroglyphs they signify more than they describe

Tattoos carve meaning into sensuous flesh

Leaving a fever burning–so much more than alive


Polaroid hieroglyphics of a montage noir

Summoning angels from near and far

Capturing hieroglyphs marking this sensuous body

Immortalizing this moment of connected hearts


I write to share what i see in your vision

To imagine a universe of co-creation

Acknowledging your creative eye

Acknowledging a co-conspirator in our liberation

Visuals are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG or twitter



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