Your touch is visceral

Inspiring me

Rewiring me


Your body grinds in syncopation

Effortlessly captivating


You are a dynamo

An inferno of sexual power and presence


Your eyes pulsate with tantric energy

Inviting desire

Inciting carnal fire


Erotic synergy explodes volcanic

Exuding ferocious confidence

Exuding elusive vulnerability


I sit by the water

Transcribing my mind

Crafting this creation

A platonic love letter

To my christened sex god


I write with my left

Channeling my emotional right hemisphere

I remold my consciousness

Drawn to your inferno


Hypomanic sex presence expands

Splattering vivid emanations of color

Creating a viscous and visceral canvas of desire


This is an embodiment of your inferno’s puissance

Reflecting your tantalizing corporeal beauty

It is a revelation of the epic spiritual composition of your soul

Visuals are by @kingstephon_ on IG



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