This is an x-rated poem

This is your content warning

These are verses of ecstasy

Verses of psychic fantasy

An orgasmic epiphany evolving


Lips vibrate

Cocks pulsate

My tongue circumnavigates

Liquid libido proliferates


I get high on your lips

I get high on your breath

This is a tantric kiss

The fusion of life and death


I am in my power

I see fractals of light

Imagination takes flight

Exponential joy in the night


This is more than casual sex

This is a cosmic experience

This is magical exuberance

It is salvation and deliverance


Psychic angels percolate

Guiding me through this manic state

We rise from chains and liberate

Our mouths writhe and salivate


You are liquid libido

You are liberation in flow

This is a tantric explosion

A seismic implosion of ego


My powers expand

My fire grows wild

I move you with my body

I feel you with my mind


I get high on eye contact

I get high on your energy

Your prostate throbs with pleasure

We have psychokinetic chemistry


We manifest this liquid libido

Conjuring the magic permeating this space

Liquid libido evolves and gestates

Transforming who we are

Transforming what we know

Images by @sateando on IG or twitter



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