This poem is a collaboration between the photographer Emitt More and the poet BYPO PHOENIX


Bloodfire surges between us

Your cock is a conduit

Channeling seismic sex presence

Channeling a new spiritual genesis


We create a subterranean global army

An army of prophetic disciples

Phalanxes of lovers

Reflections of one another

Siblings, brothers, and sisters in struggle


We rise for liberation

Animated by the synergy of bondage

Kinetic connection

Powering resurrection

Fueling fierce erection


Bloodfire moves like magma

Churning under the surface

Churning with sacred purpose


Bloodfire surges with erotic power

Hypnotic and supersonic

Tectonic and bionic

An awakening inferno of the symbiotic


We practice pleasure activism

Generating zygotes of transformation

Zygotes of sexual imagination

Zygotes of passion and exhilaration


You are bound

Awaiting ecstasy

Embracing surrender


Your bloodfire is potent

You are god of erotic war

I long for a taste

I long for a place in your arms


Photo by @EmittMore



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