You burn my eyes

Channeling Apollo’s light

You energize and mesmerize

You prophesize and tantalize


This is my ritual

I come to the river and I write

The water pulsates with electricity

Fueling amplification of our sun’s light


I am entranced by your body

Captivated by your tattoos

They transcribe your psyche

Sacred rebel and vessel for truth


You are the white phoenix

Rising from an inferno of love and rage

Your fire is white

Pregnant with the full color spectrum

You vanquish the demons of guilt and shame


I explore your image

Through the prism of this water

I imagine you arising from the deep

I watch you light your cigarette

I watch you inhale finding release


There is a light show in this river

Rivaling the energy of the dance floor

I imagine you dancing to these hard house anthems

You leave me wired wanting more


This is a sacrilegious revelation

It is an amplification of tantric fire

White phoenix–Apollo incarnate

You are a potent angel of desire

Images are by @slavamogutin >> the model is Ari Cohen: @ogwanabe on IG



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