I come to the river

I come to write


Your image reverberates in my mind

Your incandescent beauty captivates my eye


You recline amidst a tapestry of color

Your deep rich skin is luminous

Captivating and energizing

Magic like black obsidian


I search for meaning in this luxuriant landscape

I see afro-futurism

I see hope amidst apocalypse


Your chiseled features radiate erotic synergy

Your body is strong and sinuous

A conduit for tantric electricity


Your energy amplifies the epic power of this river

Water boils with psychokinetic essence

Light ricochets across the river’s surface

Conjuring imagination

Conjuring liberation


We build a luxuriant psychic temple

Magnifying the powers of our oracles and shamans

Your luxuriant body is desire in gestation

Inspiring our sacred quest for joy and emancipation


Visual via @arcoftriumph on IG



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