You channel this chemistry

You nurture this flame

This is kinetic artistry

An ecstatic erotic game


Leather accents your sensuality

Leather manifests corporeality

Embodied animality

An inferno of orgasmic pain


You wield this flame like a scimitar

Conjuring the sacred and spiritual

Flexing power with pyrotechnic ritual

Healing shame and its toxic scars


We amplify subterranean magic

Sinking psychic roots deep into Mother Earth

Amplifying karmic prescience

Activating the fire of emotional resonance

Accessing the exquisite power of the tantric


I write by my converging rivers

I feel these words reverberate through the deep


There is a confluence of forces

Pulsating currents of water

Meeting the ferocity of fire


I feel our collective spiritual energy

It is an emergent fractal

It is a godling in gestation

It is a zygote of liberation

Animated by imagination


Your sex presence is a force of nature

You are self-possessed and magnetic


I see the fire of your scimitar

Galvanizing this kinetic inferno


Your Promethean gift

Your amplified libido


You sink deep psychic roots

Penetrating the depths

Where expansive dreams germinate and grow


Leather by @armyofmenco >> model: @_sadiqsadiq on IG >> photos: @original_matt_spike



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