You are metaphor

Once symbiotic with one of my favorite beings

You are Hermes

Messenger among the gods

Sending messages across psychic oceans

Emanating flotillas of imagination


You are Mercury now in shadow

We inhabit a liminal moment

Poised between prototypical orbit

And retrograde

The appearance of cosmic regression


Mercury in shadow is a metaphor

A lens through which we can reflect

Contemplating our imperiled social order

Contemplating our desperate hope


This sea of dystopic pain

This sea of looming apocalypse

Disrupted by insurgent imagination

Aspiration for liberation and transformation


We must let the stars and planets speak

We must heed their ancient wisdom

Sentience manifest in you as an oracle

Spiritual power to withstand apocalypse


Mercury in shadow is in Virgo

Virgo is my rising sign

And Mercury rules Virgo


I am rooted in noble purpose and creative fluency

I feel the psychokinetic electricity of this moment

I look at your radiance, confidence, and vulnerability

And I find luminous joy


I celebrate your beauty

I see you rise from water like Aphrodite

Writhing within the churning tides of our moon

I find my own power rooted in this water

And I redouble my faith in our cosmic mission

Visuals are of @rrefnaa_ on IG, @LeDicenAnfer on twitter >> apparel by @kavwearmen



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