Your eyes meet mine

You feel my desire

I trust your integrity

I trust your inner fire


Leather amplifies the erotic

Conjuring connections embryonic

Activating forces tectonic

Our spirits pulsating and symbiotic


Your body inspires ecstasy

Sinuous and explosive

Your spirit blessed with empathy

Vibrant lips so emotive


I feel archetypes of masculinity

I see your inner warrior

Your lover in his virility

Your king riding a chariot


I respect your spirit journey

Your courage to look inside

Your passion raw and burning

The beauty of your mind


In you I taste salvation

Activation of imagination

Ancient crafts of divination

Giving voice to collective liberation


Our spirits writhe and thrust

Inspired by tantric touch

Desire so much more than lust

This radiant permutation of sacred trust

Leather: @armyofmenco, Photos: @rafandway1, Model: @victorgutd all on IG



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