You are thunder amidst the rain

You swim in the river that keeps me sane

Erotic power flows through your veins

We recover from apocalypse

With whatever remains


Your image evokes the carnal

Licentious gym sex

You pulsate with intensity

You flirt and seduce–grind and flex


Deep within transformations emerge

Organic and orgasmic fluids converge

Time stands still awaiting your word

You are a gladiator of the people

You are oppression’s scourge


This is hydraulic sex

It is karmic creation

It is neo-tantra embodied

It is prophetic manifestation


The power of this chemistry is exponential

We access a subterranean matrix

Evolving and transgressive

The essence of this magic is elemental

We recover from addiction

We discover our potential


We rise to transcend spiritual corrosion

We channel the fire of churning emotion

This is a juggernaut of desire and devotion

An orb of uranium on the brink of explosion 


Hydraulic sex captures my imagination

We build architecture for a world in gestation

Your body is a temple of virility and inspiration

Hydraulic sex is psychotropic

Detonating an epoch of orgasmic revelation

Images are of Sam Noriega: @samgtsfit on IG and twitter



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