Angel eyes

Draw me inside

Vulnerability embodied

Evoking desire


Your tattooed body

A geometric proof

Urgently communicating

Your policy of truth


Scandalous like fire

Licentious and bold

But always your eyes

Are portals to your soul


I write by deep water

This platonic love letter

Your policy of truth

Manifesting in lace or leather


This potent connection

Conduit to resurrection

We eviscerate deception

Awakening erotic insurrection


Fierce and copacetic

Prophetic and erotic

We design sacred rituals

With powers hypnotic


I believe in your mission

Our army is bulletproof

We will transcend apocalypse

Rooted in your policy of truth


Image by @fkfbrln on IG, @inkedbrln on twitter; photo by @santiagoneyraa



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