Haunting me

Leaving me

No air to breathe




Haunting me

Taunting me


I come to write

I come to witness

Hundreds of birds

Flocking to the sun

The day has begun

Mind and body are one


I feel deep pain

Reverberating inside

I wish I could forget

I wish I could cry


Pain for love lost

Painful goodbyes

Brutal rejection

Torturing my eyes


You broke me like a glass

You broke me like a promise

So casually cruel

In the name of being honest


This morning sky radiates

Pink fades into blue

I write here alone

I wish I were with you


I have these scars

Reminding me to forget

They burn like poison

Reminding me to forget


I see a ghost from my past

A ghost in my mind

I remember your kiss

I remember desire


Today I seek peace

I eschew needless drama

I find comfort in solitude

I heal from deep trauma


This is a sacred anthem

A song for the unrequited

A story of heartbreak

Heart and soul divided


The pain of the past

Weighs like a nightmare

On the present

I seek the pure essence

Of spiritual redemption


This is a story of loss

I know it all too well

So remind me to forget

Just remind me to forget

Visuals by @kingstephon_ on IG >> lyrics were borrowed from KYGO and from Taylor Swift



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