Your shrouded torso

A portal in time

Erotic fire writhes

Deep inside our minds


You are cocooned in light

Living in the moment

Evoking infinity

Evoking temporal chemistry


Chronology is a variable

Time moves slow

Then moves fast

Sinking roots in the moment

Summoning powers that last


There is rain by my river

Dense and foggy Seattle rain

I slow and savor each drop

Seeking eternity explained


I am inspired by your image

You are a prophet of the sacred

A hedonist of the profane

Your name resonates

Remolding collective fate


You transmute the waters of time

Dilating time like the tides

Waves pulsate inside

Revolutionizing my torrid mind


This is an embodiment of time travel

Celebrating the permanence of the present

Deeply rooted in the moment

We amplify our capacity to evolve


We dilate time as we savor a kiss

We dilate time by modulating breath

We conjure aquatic spiritual power

Temporal magic to survive apocalypse


Image is by @BLACKICONIC5 on twitter



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