I write beneath the moon

Water cascading through this creek

Teeming with potential

Flowing from snow and melting ice

Moving like a mighty river

Reverberating like a mighty river


I am in this intentional space

Ensconced within this chosen family

These relationships are fluid and verdant

Immensely vital and interwoven

Pulsating with currents of connection


We craft a new culture

Imagining the scaffolding of a world in birth

Imagining transformative ways of relating

Creating a vision of collective liberation


We live in flow

Celebrating the drumbeat of ecstasy

Creating a sinuous tapestry

A nest of deeply rooted belonging


My body writhes with inspiration

I imagine all those I wish could share this space

I imagine friends and lovers feeling this

Feeling all of its intensity and intimacy

Flowing in this epic flood of community


I deepen my roots

Feeling the visceral power of empathy

Feeling our collective chemistry

Deciphering the mysteries of tantric alchemy


My spirit flows in this water

Join me in these potent currents

Water will nurture and hold you

Come to my river

Come to my sacred river


Visual inspiration by Sarah Taub



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