Blue light ricochets through water

Coursing like seismic electricity

Invoking cosmic destiny

Molding a conjecture with prophecy

This visceral manifestation of what I feel for you


You are my sponsees

My karmic proteges

Conjuring inner magic

Reverberating like kinetic static

Through these waters of synergy


I believe in our program

This journey of recovery

This journey of spiritual discovery

Fluid rites of passage

Through which we arise from addiction


I believe in each of you

In your power and promise

In your intellect and inspiration

This is manifestation of liberation

A fulcrum of infinite possibility

A sacred artery to divine fire within us


This is a poem about lineage

A meditation on what I have learned

From those who came before me

From my sponsor in particular

From our literature and our process


I want to capture what I learn from each of you

As we practice radical fearless honesty

Amplifying the sinuous power of empathy

Conjuring the alchemy of our respective generations 

Synthesizing divergent paths in recovery


You are my dark knight and my gothic angel

Connecting my mind with new culture

With phenomena elusive to my middle-aged spirit


You keep me vigilant and growing

You remind me why this matters

Why each of our lives matters

You remind me of my own wild drug-fueled twenties

Ensuing decades lost in webs of illusion, delusion, and confusion


If only I could have started this process earlier…

Could I have been spared the nearly fatal consequences of addiction?

Could I have caused less harm to those I loved?

Could I have avoided the arrests, the debt, the dereliction?


But I strive to live without regret

For my path led me here

To water churning and tumultuous

Vibrating with the energy of Spring

This water a medium

A conduit between my lived experience

And your pulsating evolving minds


We are three different people

But we share a common predicament

A disease of emotions

Forces with whom we struggle to cope

Of whom is born an insurgent hope


This psychic jungle through which we grope

Gives way to rising mountains of resilience

Tectonic home to glaciers of nourishing potential

Feeding fertile plains of spiritual possibility

Sustained by the prophecy of sacred pulsating water


I pray that it is not pretentious

Or condescending

To call you proteges

You are spirit brothers

Giving back the love you are given


Teaching me as I teach you

Guiding me

Rewiring me

Blessing me with this platonic attraction

Manifesting this process of connection

Growing through the potent power of suggestion

Learning new lessons

And posing new questions


In asking me to sponsor you

You have each breathed new life into my recovery

You have offered a sacred, vulnerable trust

A gift of supernatural portent


Over recent weeks, our community has been in pain

Struggling to recover from the senseless loss of a brother from our tribe

Reminding us that addiction is a ruthless and feral enemy

Rapacious, cunning, insidious, and depraved


But you have been anchors for me

You have helped me through this maelstrom

You have helped me survive and stay clean

You probably do not know how deeply I have felt you through this


I love each of you in ways I never knew possible

Some languages have a multiplicity of words for love

One word for love within the family

Another for romantic love, and another for the purely erotic

In the newrising language we craft

We gestate our own hybrid idioms

We make new meaning of the words we learn through lineage


I love each of you fiercely

With a fire born from within

A crucible of perilous danger and insurgent potential


I write with my left hand by the river

These waters are torrential

They are emotionally viscous and elemental

Tantric mirrors for my love for each of you

Through the pain there is joy

The eternal unfolding of awareness

Prophecy manifest in each of your evolving minds




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