I feel joy

Ecstatic joy

Connection with these beings

Connection with deep waters of transformation


Godlings of rain bless this space today

The land inundated

Water finding the path of least resistance

Flowing serpentine


Abram’s Creek a deluge

Pregnant with energy and healing

Connecting us with our spirit bodies


Our energy flows with the creek

Fluid lines materialize

Then dissipate into a torrent of evolution

Moving through emotion

Accessing these portals to our power


I commune with kindred spirits

Connecting across difference

Amplifying our common humanity

Creating a viscous liquid flow of empathy


We dance like vixens

Flowing through sacred water

We cry with the rain

Tears of joy and shared pain


There is vision here

There is power here

Forces emotional and sensual

Embracing this mighty river

Potent waters of intersectional liberation

Conjuring magic and mystery


We envision a new culture

Crafting emotional tools

Tools to empower collective liberation

Manifesting tantric synergy

Harmonizing dualities and contradictions


Our blood pulsates

Imbued with hope and unconditional love

Flowing through us like a sacred river

Flowing with fire like a courageous and torrential river



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