You are embodied inspiration

Avatar of liberation

Fulcrum of adoration

Prophet of salvation


I see you on this canvas

Eyes piercing and magnetic

Your powers psychokinetic

Pulsating and electric


I dream that I know you

I feel your energy deep inside

No temporal power controls you

You transfix desire with your mind


You are an avatar of prophecy

Crafting an epic legacy

An inferno of liberation breathes

Bringing despotism to its knees


This is a perilous age

An epoch of hope and rage

A moment branded by your fame

I let you call me by your name


You conjure transgressive currents

Opening eyes to what disturbs us

Crafting joy and noble purpose

Summoning the magic of sacred serpents


This prophecy is genius in gestation

It is all that destiny will allow

Apocalypse looms in all directions

Only love can save us now

This painting is by David Amoroso: @AmorosoArt on IG or twitter

The last line is borrowed from the song “Only Love Can Save Us Now” by Kesha



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