I write before my fires

Imagining prayers of salvation

Conjuring sacred incantations

Crafting the scaffolding of liberation


I summon these images

Leather molding a raw erotic

This inferno vibrates with music

Capturing transformational energy embryonic


This is outlaw gospel

This is licentious religion

We are fueled by tantric visions

Synchronizing awareness is our mission


These bodies pulsate with pleasure

Divergent traditions weave together

Carnal heat amplified by leather

Illicit scriptures we remember


Outlaw gospel fuels sacrilegious prophecy

We capture fractals of alchemy

Reverberating in the air we breathe


Outlaw gospel is a fulcrum

Manifesting cosmic chemistry

Outlaw gospel forges hybrid culture

It is our emergent karmic destiny

Leather: @armyofmenco, Photos: @rafandway1, Model: @kinkboim, all on IG



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