Fire writhes upward

Manifesting dark magic

Emanating from the root chakra

Liberating my energy

Animating prophetic imagination


Tantric forces amplify

Awakening archetypes of masculinity

Awakening my inner king

My fearless rising warrior

My shamanic magician

My most exquisite tantalizing lover


These archetypes interbreed

Under the glow of dark magic

Evolving life force in gestation

Channeling the contrast of light and shadow

Channeling the wisdom of ancient cities


I feel my breath reverberate

Pulsating with onyx juices of magic

Echoing like thunder


Sounds of longing from my mouth

Tonalities so new

Harmonies I have never experienced

I hear them repeated in our circle

Voices of sirens and angels


My spirit body moves

Sinking deep roots

Feeling throbbing grooves

Knowing sacred truths


We invoke dark crone magic

Embodying holistic resistance

Unleashing the power of song and touch

Uprooting vicious toxic systems


Fractals of light emerge

Captivating my subconscious

Mirroring my inner luminescence

Channeling erotic energy


Libido flows through me

I am drawn to this tantric fire

Captivated by tides of desire

Unleashing sacred prophecy


This is fire subterranean

Harnessing my body

Resonating in my breath

Awakening my inner dragon


Archetypes of power penetrate

Dark magic liberates

Sacred nectar coagulates

Accessing revolutionary states


We convene to build our nest

An anchor of safety amidst apocalypse

We amplify trans liberation

We amplify spiritual emancipation


Dragonfire permeates my spine

Opening a portal to cosmic design

Realigning the river of time

Chakras reverberating  in my mind

Inspired by a guided embodiment led by Mannan Javid

Also deeply shaped by Aaron Johnson, Quanta Jana Cutler, Cutty Cutler, Dragon Rose-Heart, Leslie Blackburn, and Sarah Taub



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