You inspire me

Suffusing me in ancient wisdom

Connecting me with vitality and love

Blessing me with radiant lunar energy

Exploring and expanding polyamory

Your love is my precious drug


I feel stronger with you

I feel rooted in my power

Bathed in acceptance

In your arms I sleep deeply

Held by your loving energy


I want to co-create

Imagining a reborn world

Letting zygotes of liberation germinate

Fueling the furnace of evolution


I want to flex our style

Nurturing our sacred fire

Flaunting omnisexual flare

Amplifying the resonance of desire


We are so good together

We are a power couple

Infusing this new culture with our alchemy

Conjuring the synergy of our spirit bodies


We reimagine the tantric

Moving together like the water of Abram’s creek

Moving with the land


We nurture epic erotic potential

Building deeply rooted trust

Amplifying affection and connection

Inspired by the inimitable Leslie Blackburn



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