When I see you

I see nascent joy

Chained by webs of self-deception


When I hear your voice

Sometimes I hear honesty and vulnerability

But sometimes evasion and rationalization


I feel your potential

I feel your inner struggle

I feel you torn in many directions

Oscillating between spiritual growth and addiction


I write by my rivers

Reconnecting me with the waters of our recovery

Restoring me from feeling broken

Healing this visceral searing pain


A light rain falls

Cooling the excess of summer

Cooling the heat of your most tempestuous emotions


Linking our spirits

Fusing our karmic potential

Opening a door to deeper honesty


You are a dreamer boy

And I love you religiously

I feel devotion to your journey

I feel the pulse of tantric alchemy


I don’t always know what to do

I don’t always know what to say

Sometimes I can only listen and love


Trying to imbue the foundations of recovery

Repeating truths, slogans, and suggestions

Words I have heard reiterated hundreds of times


My love is unconditional

I feel and amplify your potential

Moving out of shame

And into the solution


Realizing dreams

Conjuring new futures

Imagining transformation and regeneration


You are my dreamer boy

And I believe in you

In spite of your limitations

In spite of my anger and resentment


Our fates are intertwined

Anchored to deep rock

Sustaining this joyous river of connection

Exploring the spiritual waters of recovery


Inspired by @tyleryoung_8 on twitter



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