I write by my rivers

I gaze at your face

Animated by electricity

Amplified by grace


Your powers cyberkinetic

You fuse mind and machine

Conjuring fantasy

Liberating collective dreams


Energy floods my cortex

This flood of the erotic

Our bodies intertwine

Our spirits symbiotic


This is quantum physics

We are photons of light

Arising in many dimensions

Our armies rule the night


This water flows with presence

Sacred geometry manifests

Currents ripple with hybrid energy

We sanctify sex


This is a cyberkinetic inferno

A volcano of revelation

Merging past and future

Consecrating a Cylon nation


You pulsate with sex presence

Merging the carnal and the divine

Our dance reconfigures time

The cyberkinetic becomes sublime

Images by @jonzu on IG, @JordanJamesonX on twitter; Photos by @jeniafilatova on IG



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