Light and shadow

Cause and effect

One and the same

What comes next


I want your curse

I want your disease

This is sacred medicine

Pain pleases me


We move through time

Hurdling through space

Tasting the fifth dimension

Experiencing the spiritual plane


I am the singularity

A manifestation of the present

A fusion of all dimensions

Living in the moment


I wear black obsidian

Crystal wrapped in copper

Embodying destiny

Disarming emotional vultures


We are powerful beings

Fulcrums of awareness

Portals to the divine

Sigils in my basement


I am a photon of light

Both infinite and ephemeral

I am quantum energy

Orgasmically elemental


Nothing is solid

We are particles in motion

Reverberating with emotion

Forging the path we have chosen


I refuse to be trapped

Imprisoned by the material realm

I flow in the spiritual

Infinite light reborn


I feel this electric touch

I long for your presence

I taste your libido

I taste your essence


Our connection is transcendent

A journey through prophecy

My rivers calling me

Molding this alchemy


We rewrite the Bible

We rewrite the Koran

Queering the sacred

Honoring indigenous land


Tantra rediscovered

Fusing divergent faiths

Duality reimagined

Toxic systems replaced


Awareness awakening

Destruction and creation

Manifesting quantum energy

Manifesting liberation


We are the many

Our oppressors are the few

I am the singularity

You can become one too



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