TANTRIC MYTHOLOGY: a bypo journal

Spirit moves

Deeply attuned

My mind expands

Duality reconstrued


My god is desire

My god is awakening

This explosion of tantric fire

Our collective divinity creating


I am a vessel for the sacred

Worshiping divergent pantheons

Aztec martyrs fuse with Osiris

Bantu gods craft new songs


Yoruba spirits traverse deep waters

Yamaya and Oshun: divinity’s daughters

Shango’s fire powers virility

Fueling the tantric–making it deeper


I return to inspiration

To the fulcrum of experience

I taste the nectar of liberation

I taste your spiritual essence


I feel the pulse of your libido

Exploring the resonance of your being

New consciousness gestates

Orgasmic powers interweaving


My mind becomes ambidextrous

Our bodies pulsating and electric

Dualities and dialectics

Becoming fused and concentric


Circles of sacred fire

Unveiled before my eyes

This cauldron of divinity

Unleashing viscous desire


Evolve to find the joy in pain

Feel your tears and let them rain

Explore your writhing spirit and liberate

Mantras manifest remolding our fate


Shiva and Shakti realign

Copulate and intertwine

Every atom orgasmic

Forging sentience divine


The carnal becomes sacred

Truth unveiled by many traditions

We recreate tantric synergy

We resurrect a new religion


Find the bliss deep within

Observe the stars arising again

Kundalini fire burns inside

Serpents merging your spine and mind


Worship gods of the diaspora

Spirits both ancient and modern

This tradition is transformation

Tantric creation begins again


Orishas of Santeria

Meeting godlings of the east

Crafting new prophecy

Forging liberation and peace


Sanskrit words pierce my mind

Words I strain to comprehend

All that we experience is divine

Cosmic genesis courses without end

Photos: @rafandway1, models: @jonzu & @fkfbrln, all on IG



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