rising proud and standing strong—the quest for justice is centuries long…we brand our bodies like graf-heads bomb walls—we tell our stories in colors and we celebrate our beauty with songs…i crossed paths today with a beautifully branded phoenix—traveling from afar and resonating with my matrix…we give from our souls as long as we can take it–we fake it so real we aren’t even faking…we pray for love and fight with rage—we arm rising divas to claim social space…the pendulum of revolution swings our way nowadays–we resist the rising terror of a proto-fascist gulag state…our bodies are canvasses as impermanent as our lives—but as long as we breathe the tattoos remain alive…deeply woven inside our minds–the ink we brand breeds nascent pride…telling stories and conveying meaning like madonna rules the stage—creating a potent antidote to the looming viper plague…we live to transcend the toxic baggage in our way–building the power to transform and bring about an anticapitalist age