I am a lonely soul

Heartbeat slow and cold

In my rejection I am alone

Toxic fear holds the throne


We write by this fire

Spirit dissatisfied and weary

Fear is duality

Both captor and protector


I fear my desires

Ashamed of this lust

My passion is tortured

Dreams become dust


This part that keeps us safe

Also keeps us chained

These shackles of insecurity

The cold comfort of the familiar


We pray to this fire

It warms our heart

Longing for love

Yearning for connection


Yet fear rules the psyche

This demon inside me

This voice of insecurity

Reverberating around me


Yet love is visceral medicine

This potent love internal

Transforming fear into hope

Amplifying a spiritual inferno


Striving to break free

Evolving beyond this web of insanity

Shedding our fear of rejection

Awakening to love’s sweet intensity

Lead Image by Favianna Rodriguez: @favianna on IG and Twitter; Favianna.com

–Co-Created by GOTHIC ANGEL and BYPO PHOENIX c)2024


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