I have seen three films

Three prisms for the psyche

Your eye impeccable

Accessing the emotional subterranean


Your latest work incisive

Exploring tennis as metaphor

Tennis as a relationship

Ambition and drive

Calculation and manipulation


In your eyes

Time is a vortex

Time is collapsed

Emotional memories juxtaposed

Manifest in exquisite cinematography


Each of these characters

Rich and deep

Your eye accessing volcanic talent

Molding a new matrix of thespian insight


Each has a dark side

Psychic parts

Out of alignment

Out of integrity


This tryad so versatile

Showing us the inner critic

The inner manipulator

The betrayer in the heart of the lover


Zendaya earthly goddess

Queen of the court

Ferocious competitor

Man-taming vixen


Transfixed by visual intensity

I felt the pulse of sex

The pulse of surging libido

Forbidden attraction

Long secret desire


These scintillating bodies

Tempting us all

If only in our imagination

Seducing our psyches

Ensnaring our souls


Exploring the fragility of male bonding

The maelstrom of repression is unleashed

Love that dare not speak its name 

Embodying the vision of Luca’s mind



We see non-duality

The dialectic of love and hate

The seeds of each in the other

An emerging tantric manifestation


This is potent cinema

The drive that will make you

The lies that can break you

Tennis a fulcrum of emotional power


Transcending taboo

Unleashing inner truth

Amplifying the genius of Luca’s mind

–BYPO PHOENIX with insight from GOTHIC ANGEL c)2024


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