Tonight I seek guidance

I yearn to know

To see where I end

To know where you begin


I strive to guide you

Navigating manic waves

I seek our emergent oracle

Sacred wisdom

Amidst this psychic storm


You are my manic angel

My creative protege

My spirit brother

My beloved friend


Your genius evolving

Your energy manifesting prophecy

A prism of light captured in your eyes

Your magnetic being

Your inner beauty


Seeking insight

I turned to my oracle deck

An adapted psychic spread

A reading on our shared path


In our subconscious

We find nirvana

Spirit becoming physical

Then evolving back into spirit

Flame unleashing vapors

Reabsorbed into the cosmos


In my present being 

I guard my boundaries

My psychic craft floats

Gliding through this ocean of manic turmoil


Navigating these waters demands discernment

Surrendering to community

Heeding collective wisdom


Perhaps most telling is the card of purpose

An accident of the draw

It tells me what we are

This Nguni Bantu word Ubuntu

Its potent meaning 

I am because we are


I am told that our fates are aligned

That this connection is sacred

I am told of noble purpose


I learn from you

I seek to prepare you

I want to protect you

To shield you from layers of trauma I endured


But I know this to be impossible

You will find your own way

I give what I can

But I must give you freedom

Space to make your own choices


This manic oracle

Channeling ancestral wisdom

Burning through the fire of your manic eye


The fierce love we share deepens

Reaching into the earth


Amplifying this manic oracle

Prophecy evolving in our minds

–BYPO PHOENIX inspired by GOTHIC ANGEL c)2024


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