Smoke curls around your face

Like a projection of luminous eyes

Energy reverberates around you

Crafting the magic of sacred desire


There are fierce tattoos etched across your chest

They are visceral brands of tantric elation

Tattoos are sigils of the sacred and mystical

Their ink shapes talismans of divine transformation


You are an angel of erotic royalty

You are a karmic ascendant

This is the power of black majesty

It is a portal to justice transcendent


There is a fire burning within your soul

Nascent fire of evolution and creation

Tend this fire with magic and love

Unleash the power of imagination


Echoes of medieval ferocity

Encircle your sinuous neck

You manifest as black royalty

Projecting a torus of energy that protects


The synergy of this energy is sacred

Creating a vortex of potent sex presence

This is alchemy—and black majesty

The fire god at your core is its essence


Your eyes penetrate my soul

They ensnare me to your magnetism

You are the archetype of a pantheon of royalty

Orchestrating the emergence of an erotic religion

Visuals are by @Jonzu on IG >> @Jordanisundead on twitter



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