slap me across the face while we vogue in this non-binary place…life is a journey but never a race—we thrive in community, in love, and in grace…hold me down and tell me you love me—i want to see your entrancing eyes above me…this penetration is so potent you don’t need to drug me— you amplify my sex, allowing desire to run free…

we are agents of karma: we are anarchy’s vixens—we are trans and queer armies rising up against this system…if we just take a moment to stop and listen, we can hear the deep house soundtrack to our growing resistance…we are pixie and phoenix crafting this creation—we are missionaries of love in growth and gestation…we rise with glitter and fire in search of cosmic revelation—we are building a transcultural ultraviolet anti-nation…

our phoenix wants our pixie to dominate this love—to dominate the body and the spirit all at once…to share expansive moments under the moon or the sun—to give in to love’s power to write anthems yet unsung…there is immense power in the wisdom of geisha aspiring to sexual perfection–there is massive misery enforced by this system: over-ripe for insurrection…technicolor visions unveiled in flame fortify elation—the spiritual and karmic power of sex elevates the carnal into an erotic resurrection…

we build power to transform when we build bonds of mutuality—we transcend the toxicity of this system through exploring our sensuality…there is fate and there is destiny always haunting our perception of causality—but if we immerse ourselves in NOW we can transcend earthly realities…our eyes are hypnotic and our moans are melodic—we dominate this love when we give in to the orgasmic…our ecstatic intertwining is both angelic and demonic–this is pleasure activism at its finest blending the somatic and the erotic

both images  are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG




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