VIPER VIRUS: the matrix of evolution

infinitesimal but potent they control our minds—training nerves and synapses to fire deep inside…a toxic virus has arisen laced with systemic crime—distorting our collaborative nature and reenacting the lord of the flies…we are ruled by heartless robber barons—skilled only in legalized theft…their souls are sickly and barren—they are steering us towards collective death…if housing is a right and gentrification is a virus—then the will to transform must rise transcendent from angels breeding inside us…nuclear war is on the horizon—barely restrained by a military regime…we live with the dictatorship of white supremacy—we tag walls to inspire revolutionary zeal…deep in our social body there are micro-organisms living in symbiosis—the viper virus is evolving—creating a power that must be stopped before it kills us…but we are breeding antidotes—a vaccine for our rising tribe…we are mutants discovering our powers—discovering the social power to keep our species alive…revolution is a necessity—the exigency of our age…the strength to win grows exponentially—rising to defeat the viper plague