You are my vices

These images: intense and lurid

I imagine your energy

I imagine chemistry

An exotic and erotic connection


I am addicted to sex magic

Addicted to the tantric

Entranced by elusive sensuality


Your unveiled eye

Both sacred and sacrilegious

A harbinger of hedonism

A leather elixir

A fantasy


I write by the river at dawn

Our sun conquers the horizon

Radiating sinuous energy

Reflecting yours


I write with my left hand

Seeking new portals to insight

These letters are crude but honest

Capturing my licentious mind

Conjuring the power of exotica


Your eyes are so penetrating

So potent and visceral

Your gaze carves an obelisk

A monument to viscous crystalizing desire


This intensity is penetrating

But it may be too tempting

Feeding compulsion and craving

Feeding erotic delusion


I long to root myself in the presence

To ground my desire in my reality

To extend body positivity to myself


I celebrate this licentious exotica

But I must rewire and recalibrate

Reimagining erotic liberation

Through this majestic mirror

Your sacred and sacrilegious eye

Images are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin >>

Collaboration with @notsowe and @vtmnts



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