on the day the right crowned its would be fuhrer, we rose in resistance—at least ten thousand took to the streets of DC with rage at the brutal face of this system…police went wild with smoke bombs and pepper spray—mass arresting journalists and medics all to give 45 his toxic way…188 still face charges but today we won a major victory— 42 charges against 6 defendants all left in the dustbin of history…j20 was a catalytic moment that has produced new energy and new relationships—our city is crawling with rebel hearts ready to rise and resist…we must summon superhuman powers to uproot this sordid social order—we need our nascent jedi knights to fight for a world without borders…we have barely begun to turn the tide against the horror this regime presents—just days ago massive tax cuts for the rich were approved by both houses of congress…in struggle we find truth—we find comrades and friends…we will fight with all we have to bring this brutal system to an end



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