Spirits are churning—wildfires are burning

As a people we are learning

We are striving—we are yearning


Apocalypse is here—it is sinking its roots

We resist and rebel—but we feel weak and abused

From deep within we imagine the power of sacred truth

We imagine solutions—we try to reboot


We must center connection—live with love and affection

The power of natural selection fuels the fire of insurrection

Cosmic forces reach out transmitting a sense of direction

In the face of this horror we conjure erotic resurrection


Climate crisis is catastrophe—it is seismic and cruel

It brings devastation to our world but profit for the few

We must seek our karmic mission—the power to evolve and renew

We must rise up for the sacred principles we know to be true


Let us amplify the magic of love—lend wings to sacred hope

We can survive this age with the compassion we grow

Our fate is transcribed on hard drives that implode

We build a matrix of barricades—cyberwired to explode


Our armies emerge in magenta fishnets and jeweled fists

We transform our psyches when we rise and resist

This is a moment demanding transformation of all that exists

We can give birth to liberation from within the jaws of apocalypse

Visuals are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG or twitter



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