EXISTENTIAL EPIPHANY: a new karmic great awakening

in the beginning

all that we are now was ONE…

an infinite dot–condensed possibility

awaiting an EXPLOSION…

like the stonewall inn in 1969 on the brink of a TRANS RIOT

fast forward on hyperdrive to this perilous present moment

the human and animal kingdoms on an ice-covered precipice…

on the brink of the fruition of rosa luxembourg’s trenchant prophecy that we face a choice between SOCIALISM or BARBARISM

we are living under a satanic cabal so despotic, kleptocratic, and ruthless that hope of salvation from a talk show host resonates in sections of the resistance…but we must dig deep and seek ways to uproot the systems of OPPRESSION and EXPLOITATION that are the bedrock of reaction… animated by fear of black lives, black resistance, and black anger–the right oozes toxicity that poses a mortal threat to our polarized nation

yesterday the regime declared all-out-war on migrant communities

at least 200,000 salvadorans with legal status rendered instantaneously undocumented and prey to deportation

with all this in play we need more than sanctuary cities passively refusing to cooperate

we need cities of RESISTANCE actively pushing back–resisting the seductive allure of LIBERAL COMPLICITY–and using resources and political capital to resist the fascistic tide

we need AGENTS OF KARMA spread far and wide–blessed with jedi powers by our pantheon of deities to compensate for the vagaries of mood and energy so elemental to creating art and crafting dynamic spaces in which to develop analysis and plan our incessant actions…

45 may not be hitler yet but that is clearly where the winds are blowing…

this is germany in 1936 and we still have a brief window to prevent an encore of KRISTALNACHT

speaking of which weeks ago our would-be-fuhrer produced one of his most world-shaking outrages

jerusalem declared the capital of a zionist apartheid state

in willful deceit about the costs of climate change

90% of our nation’s coastline opened to big oil’s ruthless profiteering

and persistently and vociferously–without regard for the despicable logic of mutually assured destruction

threatening the korean peninsula with the ultimate armageddon of nuclear war

the list goes on and i grow tired of responding to each new outrage with a protest, a lock-down, or a frantically written POEM…and I grow tired of white folk with significant wealth and class privilege representing the resistance  in mainstream publications that momentarily dip into the scene to see what’s in play

those of us doing the day-to-day base-building work must reclaim and rewrite the narrative…we must take time to develop strategy, crafting METAPHORIC weapons to pierce the barb of the blithering idiot in the oval office…but above all we must build power, community, and relationships of deep-rooted trust

we must prefigure a classless future

we deserve so much better than this

the collaboration and creativity so elemental to our being demand so much more than this

and spiritual synergy and divine provenance offer guideposts to a road from this liminal moment to a future whose contours we can only IMAGINE

its time to actualize a vision of radical imagination–its time for a fusion of the best of divergent traditions–its time for legions of rebels to evolve into CYLON agents of karma—let anti-authoritarian anarchist praxis guide the resistance, while digesting what is valuable from the traditions of Gramsci, Trotsky, Lenin, and Marx–let us claim our spiritual power–allowing the divine spark within to transform us all into nascent living gods with powers to rival the most ruthless of emperors

let our trans and queer rebellion link with an anticapitalist underground with tentacles in every pocket of our polity

let black and brown organizers lead the way in reclaiming the radical introspection so often buried in the state-sponsored whitewashing of dr. king’s legacy

let battalions of radical intersectional feminists craft a praxis to tightly leash toxic masculinity and put the patriarchy in its place

palestinian liberation–global decolonization–and universal emancipation are within reach–karma is indeed a hungry and ferocious bitch…and this furious bitch has finally picked her struggle

there was a trenchant saying among revolutionaries in 1968 that the center cannot hold…massive protests against the war in Vietnam, a near General Strike in Paris, a defeated workers revolt in Czechoslovakia… revolution was on the agenda…

deja vu 50 years later…

only this time if we lose we won’t witness an encore of the neoliberal assault

we could easily become the forbears of an infinitely catastrophic future

this is my existential epiphany–my prayer–and my manifesto

postmodern, post-industrial, white supremacist class war is upon us

we can either be slaughtered like hogs–to borrow an immortal metaphor from the black bolshevik poet claude mckay…

or we can rise like a PHOENIX from the ashes

blessed with the fire of resistance

armed with ideological clarity and tactical versatility

and amplifying the voices of black trans women fiercely resisting while struggling to survive

we can rise like a KARMIC INSURGENCY–pregnant with the intertwining zygotes of a new world…a new great awakening not requiring schisms in our divergent faith traditions–but building on transcendental truths, insights, and practice

We will fight on all fronts seeking a synergy of tactics–we have a world to win–and so much toxicity to take head on and to purge

so heal your pain and trauma–worship our sacred fire vessels–and prepare for the war to come–it will be a subterranean battle between the most toxic manifestation of the dominant ideological armament of our system–and an army of NEO’s who have escaped the all encompassing ideological matrix of our society….

we can fight and win, but armed with tools and weapons consistent with our praxis and with our need to show the world the beauty equity and freedom that a classless society would open wide…

i began with the big bang and want to redeploy the metaphor– we are a species ever expanding and evolving, but held back in stasis by a soul-sucking system…we must build a global struggle for liberation and unleash the genius buried deep inside each of us by the vicissitudes of the system

let your genius fly free and join me in the sky as a fellow phoenix–our fires will release the incarcerated from lives of unjust bondage–we will elevate the voices and power of trans communities–and we will make it as easy to  cross  a border as it is for a butterfly to migrate with the seasons.

there are so many fronts on which to fight–but to win we will need an army of anarchist CADRE skilled in empowering communities to self-organize and develop horizontal organizing models…the future could still be ours–but we must fight for it–and we must fight to WIN



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